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One of our biggest interests is the Persian carpet repair in London and the renovation of all kinds of rugs. It’s our priority to pump life back into a piece of woven art, restore its beauty, and make it last for generations.

At Apolon Rug, the expertise of our skilled technicians is combined with our Persian carpet repair in London and restoration operation. To be able to recognize the complexities of handmade rugs, it takes a long time to learn, and our employees are equipped with this expertise coupled with extensive experience in providing skilled rug repair and restoration services and a close relationship with a tailored Iranian craftsman and his expertise of handmade rugs, running through his family generations and traditions.

Whether antique, semi-antique, or new, there is no Oriental rug or carpet that we can not manage. For Persian rugs and Oriental rugs, we provide a full range of repair and restoration services. We also repair and rebuild equipment made from tapestries and rugs.


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Our professional weavers do all the rugs, and Persian carpet repair in London and renovation work. All of our repair and renovation work is of the highest quality at remarkably fair prices and all that.

  • Fringes & End Repair
  • Side or Selvedge Repair
  • Holes Patch
  • Moth Damage / Dry Rot

The most common repair areas the fringes and selvages, where all four sides of your rug are secured. This turns a faded rug beautifully into one that looks initial and new. It is necessary to fix them as soon as possible if the fringes or the sides of your carpet are damaged. The pile might unravel permanently if the damage spreads, causing further damage to the affected region. We can either secure the fringes to fully secure and prevent the rug from unraveling and keep the rug looking nice, we can remove the fringes from your rug completely and create a selvage to secure the ends, by implanting new ones or reweaving new fringes on both ends, we can cover the portion of the worn fringes.

The sides without fringe along the length of the rug are the selvages of the rug. To make it look clean and fresh, we weave the sides with wool and fix the sides from unraveling itself.

A two-step method is to fix holes in a rug.  The first and most significant move is to restore the carpet's base. If the base is not built correctly, the repair will not be successful. The second step is to fit the original material of the rug that will be used to repair it. To ensure that your rug looks perfect, we take the appropriate time to fix it. When fixing missing or damaged holes, we re-knot the pile and recreate the same old look of the rug.

Do not worry if you find moth damage to your rugs! It doesn't get destroyed. We're going to deal with this! The team has the requisite expertise to fix any form of damage caused by moths. You'll also know the moths eat wool dyed with organic vegetables, but not cotton. The base of the rug remains intact, as most oriental rugs have a cotton base. In this situation, the repair of damage to the moth is less costly than that of a hole. They would usually have a hole in damaged areas in situations where rugs have a wool base. This can also be patched, but the base should also be restored.

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We sell 100 to 200 years old vintage Persian Rugs of different sizes. We support for washing and rug repairing for more than 50 years. We restore rugs like new.