Is there an Apolonrugs shop or showroom?

We are afraid there is not. We import thousands of rugs on a monthly basis into our warehouse, and to ensure that we can offer them at the lowest price to you, we keep them all in a warehouse safe, that is geared towards dispatching rugs quickly and effectively to you. It is also located somewhere you probably wouldn’t want to visit anyway (rents on nice streets are expensive as you probably know!). However, if you do really want to see the rug before you purchase it (you might want to if you are purchasing several rugs or one of the really large palace rugs), give us a call, and we should be able to arrange a special viewing.

Are there other ApolonRugs products that are not on the website?

We are afraid that we do not produce a paper catalogue – Paper is getting more expensive and using lots of it is not great for the environment. As every single Atlantis rug is completely unique, by the time you got the catalogue, most of the rugs in it would have sold out! But look no further – welcome to the 21st century! This website is our online catalogue, and we are able to do give you much more detailed description and lovely images of each and every rug that we would never be able to do on paper. Sign up to our newsletter (down on the bottom right of the page) to be kept up to date with our latest rugs.

How do I know that the carpet I have ordered will fit into the room intended?

We measure everyone of our rugs length, width and thickness to the nearest centimetre. Accurate dimensions are displayed for every rug, and you can even drill down to each of the dimension from each category page. We encourage all customers to take measurements in their home before ordering.

What is the quality of your rugs like?

ApolonRugs only deal with respected rug makers, ensuring that every single rug is unique and to the highest quality. We quality check every rug in our main warehouse in the Middle East before we first clean and then ship each one. In some instances, we will make suitable repairs and note any areas of wear. On each product page we clearly indicate where, if any, there is any wear or repair, and take specific photographs to ensure that you have complete visibility. Whether you are buying one of our special offers or an exclusive designer rug you can be assured that they have been made to a high quality standard.

Are your rugs easy to clean?

Our rugs are made from lots of different types of fibres. The rugs that contain polypropilen and acrylic, which are synthetic fibres you can use many cleaning products available on the market that are for cleaning synthetics. The majority of our rugs are made from natural fibres like wool, cotton and silk. How you choose to clean them depends on the age of the rug and the fibres that are used in them. In the same way that you have a lower temperature setting for wool on your washing machine, you need to treat these rugs with care. Traditional Persian rugs, Indian rugs and Oriental rugs are very durable, but we recommend that if you get a bad stain on these rugs that you seek professional help to clean them properly.

Are my details secure and confidential?

We do not store any payment details on our servers. We have a relationship with Sagepay to ensure that you have many options to make a payment and ensure that your payment is done in a safe and secure way. Any information that is sent to these payment engines is encrypted. This means that information passed from your computer cannot be read by someone else. As a merchant, we also ensure our policies and procedures ensure to the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). We want to ensure that you enjoy your experience on Atlantis rugs, and as part of this we ensure that our customers’ data is as safe as possible when they purchase products online. For more information on PCI DSS please see the PCI Security Standards Council Website. 

How do I order a rug on the Atlantis website?

Shopping at ApolonRugs is simple. You can browse by rug category . At any point where there is a picture of the rug you can do several things, click on ‘Quickview’, click on ‘Wishlist+’ or click on the image or product name to go through to the product page.

Quickview triggers a small window to appear giving you a summary of all the information. You can at any time click away from the window to go back to the original page. Wishlist+ allows you to create a list of rugs that you might be interested in for a longer look later (you will have to be registered to use this feature, as we need to know who to store the list against!). Please use the wishlist the feature: we have thousands of rugs, so we don’t expect you to make up your mind up right away – the best way is to pick a shortlist, and then spend a bit of time looking at each one of the lovely rugs in detail. Clicking through to the product page will give you more detailed view and information for each product.

As well as these features, in each category, you can narrow your search down according to any specific requirements or preferences you may have. (eg. colour, shape, price, feel, region, pattern etc) by using the filters on the left hand side of the page. You can also search for a product in the search box, which will always appear in the top right corner. Any rugs fitting your search requirements will appear (remember if there are a few, you may need to click on ‘all’ to see them all).

Once you have found an item you wish to buy, click on ‘BUY NOW’ You will be taken to your shopping basket page and can either click on ‘continue shopping’ to buy another rug, or click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’ to buy your rug.

We are always looking to make this experience better for you, so if you have any suggestions on enhancements then please contact us if you have any queries.

Can I buy an Apolon Rug overseas?

You can use the Atlantis website to place an order from anywhere in the World. We have set delivery charges for the European Union and for the UK, we offer free delivery. Outside of the UK and the EU, it depends on your proximity to our warehouse, and after you have placed an order we will contact you. If at any point during this process you decide that you do not want to order the rug, we will issue you with a full refund. For ore information on delivery please visit this page

Are receipts sent with deliveries?

Yes, you will receive a receipt with the delivery of any rug from Apolonrugs. This invoice will also have all the relevant information on it. 

Who delivers my rug?

We have a special agreement with a courier who is used to delivering these type of heavy goods to make sure it reaches you in the right condition. The courier company we use for all our rugs within the European Union is UK Mail, and for outside of the European Union either Fedex or UPS.

We provide 30 days free returns and no quibbles policy for UK mainland

We aim to provide an excellent level of customer service. We will accept the return of any rug that the customer wishes to return due to personal reason within the UK mainland at NO ADDITIONAL COST. For areas outside of the UK Mainland we will deliver a full refund within 30 days less out-going and return shipping costs. Before we accept the return of any item the customer must [>>email us] and receive authorization for the return. All return applications must be made within 30 days of the customer receiving the rug.

How does the returns process work?

If you wish to return an item please put the following in the email. The rug ID number or the Order number (both of which you would have received on the confirmation email), and the reason for your return, and when you are going to be at the delivery address within the next 5 working days. We will respond to this email as quickly as possible, and include a pick-up date with our courier network to retrieve the rug from your premises on one of the days that you have highlighted.