Rug Cleaning Services in London

Dirt is the most serious threat to the durability of your Carpet. Our skilled and experienced cleaners will remove surface dirt before washing the carpet. They have wide knowledge on removing stains from natural fibres including wool, silk and cotton. It is advised to wash your Carpet every five to 10 years, depending on the location where it is placed.

We specialise in cleaning Persian, Afghan, Turkish, Oriental, Kelims, machine-made and handmade varieties plus many more. If you are not sure what type of rug you have, we will be happy to offer our professional opinion.

London Carpet Cleaners

When Washing Your Rug, We Will Bring And Take Your Rug Completely Free Of Charge.

London Carpet Cleaning Services

Our friendly team of Rug Cleaning team on hand to discuss your requirements and offer you a no-obligation quotation.

Rug washing Services

How Is Your Rug Going To Be Cleaned?

Every Oriental Rug is unique and your Rug will be cleaned with the most suitable method for its age, type of dye and fibers used. We do not use abrasive cleaning products or automated machinery. All the work carried out on your Carpets or Rugs will be done by using nothing but natural or soft fibers brushes. Rug Washing Services

If you need help and advice or have any questions concerning Persian/Oriental Rugs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Rug Cleaning Video

On this video you can see a shortened version of our wet Rug Cleaning process. Wash and rinse cycles are repeated until all water runs clear and there are no visible dirty marks left on the Rugs. However some stubborn stains may require additional attention later on.



Part 2, Carpets centrifuge rinsing and water removal

  • Part 3, power brush for fixing piles.