Rugs Repair in London & England

we are an established family business with offices and workshops in central London. Our collection and delivery service covers London and England.

No Repair is too large or small, we Repair and Restore all Carpets, Rugs and Runners both old and new. We will not be beaten on quality of craftsmanship or delivery of service.

We pride ourselves on delivering exactly what our clients expect from us – the highest level of client service, exceptional Rug Cleaning and Restoration and a Tailored, personal service to each and every one of our clients.

Rug Repair

It is an extremely skilled craft to Repair Rugs as it is technically similar to the process of Rug manufacturing and needs the same experience and expertise. For instance, in order to Repair a hole, it is required to find a similar yarn matched with the surrounding so that you cannot feel any difference in the touch and feel of the Repair compared to the rest of the Rug. It also requires to be very careful in choosing the colour of the yarn used to Repair the hole so that it combines with the surrounding colours. The extent of the damage determines the way the unravelled  yarn surrounding the hole is dealt with, and finally, the hole needs to be woven by hand using suitable knot so that it is nearly invisible to the naked eye. In order to prevent further damage, it is  always advised to fix a damaged or worn Rug as soon as possible .The prompt Repair not only  guarantees a better quality Repair at a lower cost abut also maintaining the value of the Rug.

rug repair

Our Oriental Rugs Restoration Service is very comprehensive and includes:

  • Invisible repairs to holes, burns and tears

  • Repair and restoration of frayed edges and fringes – selvages and stoppers

  • Re-weaving and re-piling of worn areas – often due to moth

  • Full restoration of damaged rugs – be it fire, water or spills

  • Exact colour and wool match – important when dealing with antique rugs

  • Fixing curled edges and corners by applying faux leather strips

  • Stretching and size alteration

  • Water damage – restoration of colour

  • Odour removal from pet staining

  • Mould removal

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