Rug Number – 661

Ardabeil Rug – 322 x 150 cm

The Ardabil Rug is the oldest dated carpet in the world and one of the largest, most beautiful, and significant historically. A single integrated pattern covers the whole surface of the Ardabil carpet-an an incredible feat given the great size of the carpet. Four parallel bands make up the boundary. It encircles an enormous rectangular field with a large yellow medallion in its middle. A ring of pointed oval shapes surrounds the medallion, and a lamp hanging from either end is seen. Ten colours are integrated into the beautiful filler template. The dyes were derived from natural materials such as pomegranate rind and indigo, so the shades differ slightly, creating a ‘ripple’ effect where darker and lighter wool batches were used.

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Persian Ardabeil Rugs

Persian/Ardabeil<322 x 150>cm

Origin_Persian Vintage Wool

Manufacturing _ Handmade Rug

Length _ 322

Width _ 150

Shape _ Rectangular

Fabric _ Wool Foundation

Region_ Ardabeil

Pattern _  Repeat Floral

Rug Type _ Hand Knotted

Quality _  100% Wool

Age _ 75 to 80 yeas old

Thickness _ap 3 mm

Trades used in this rug is all 100% organic


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