Rug Number : 3266

Kerman Rug – 135X98 cm

One of the common classifications of Persian rugs is the Ghasggaei Gilim. Founded in 2005 in the heart of the Marche region of Fossombrone, Ghashgaei is an Persian business. It continues to discover and market its collections of new unusual fabrics on a world scale. In order to create elegance, inspired by research and great technological abilities, the styles of all Ghashgaei designers blend and coexist peacefully between tradition and modernity. While the wool was still in the flock and before spinning, the dye process for Ghashgaei Gilim  took place , allowing for uniform colour. The Ghashgaei Gilim palette is as brilliant as it is diverse. Tones can range from a more golden and saffron cast to ivory, blue and magenta. All Karman products are manufactured in Italy with attention to detail and high quality guaranteed.

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Persian Kerman Rugs

Persian/Kerman<135 x 98>cm

Origin_ Persian Vintage Wool

Manufacturing _ Handmade Rug

Length _ 135

Width _ 98

Shape _ Rectangular

Fabric _ Wool Foundation

Region_ Ghashgaei

Pattern _  Geometric

Rug Type _ Hand Knotted

Quality _  100% Wool

Age _ 75 to 80 yeas old

Thickness _ap 1\5 mm

trades the colours used in this rug is all 100% organic


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