Rug Number – 1341

Mosel Rug – 256 x 73 cm

Persian Mosel Rug is an antique hand-knotted Rug that is made of 100% wool, a pure wool bunch. This is a true one-of-a-kind, the hand-knotted oriental rug also. So, Purchase Pure Wool Mosel Village Rug from our online stores of Apolon Rugs.

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Persian Mosel Rug

Persian/Mosel<256 x 73>cm

Origin_ Persian Vintage Wool

Manufacturing _ Handmade Rug

Length _ 256

Width _ 73

Shape _ Rectangular

Fabric _ Wool Foundation

Region_ Mosel

Pattern _  Geometric& Floral

Rug Type _ Hand Knotted

Quality _  100% Wool

Age _ 75 to 80 years old

Thickness _ap 3 mm

Trades used in this rug is all 100% organic


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