Rug Number – 1322

Tabriz Rug – 60 x 90 cm

Antique Tabriz rugs are characterized by their excellent weaving and outstanding adherence to the classic patterns of ancient Persian rug design. But by some specific pattern or, they can not be separated. Tabriz was the earliest capital of the Safavid dynasty in Iran / Persia and may claim to have been a center of carpet production longer than any other city in Iran. Tabriz rug/carpet is a type in the general category of Persian rugs from the town of Tabriz. A handmade Tabriz 50Raj with elements of silk.

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Persian Tabriz Rug

Persian/Tabriz<60 x 90>cm

Origin_Iran Persian Vintage Wool

Manufacturing _ Handmade Rug

Length _ 60

Width _ 90

Shape _ Rectangular

Fabric _ Wool Foundation

Region_ Tabriz

Pattern _  Geometric

Rug Type _ Hand Knotted

Quality _  100% Wool

Age _ 75 to 80 years old

Thickness _ap 3 mm

trades the colors used in this rug is all 100% organic


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