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Antique and Vintage Persian Rugs in the UK in Affordable Prices

(Stain Removal, Fringe cleaning and Deodorizing)

We wash all types of rugs and carpets, Silk or wool and also contemporary​

Professional cleaning of oriental rugs and carpets is very specialized services. It requires in-depth knowledge and under standing of the martials involved. The assurance we provide is that your valuable rug or carpets will be professionally cleaned inline with best practice for its specific needs.
Our professional clean opposed to lower cost/standard is the potential to increase value rather than losing value. At Apolon Rugs we pride ourselves on only using traditional methods because it achieves the best results. We never use chemicals we never use machines, just gentle handwashing that maintains the natural oils in the wool and skills of each rug. We pick and deliver right the way across the UK 7 days a week.

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A Persian Rug is a heavy textile made for a wide range of functional and symbolic purposes and manufactured for home use, local sale, and export in Iran. An integral part of Persian culture and Iranian art is carpet weaving. The Persian carpet stands out for the variety and elaborateness of its manifold designs within the group of Oriental rugs developed by the counries of the ‘rug belt’.